The name and legend

The Bungalow is named after the building, an early 1930’s Californian Bungalow home.

The Bungalow was destined to be a restaurant when in 1941 Alison Elsie Rodgers (Elsie) provided meals for soldiers stationed at the Drysdale Reserve prior to posting overseas
during World War II. The 105 Anti-Tank Regiment personnel would walk to Elsie’s
for a roast dinner.

The Legend Continues

For 100’s and 1,000’s of years our distant relative’s whole way of social life was based around the acquisition and sharing of food. Food engages four out of five senses.
Sight, touch, taste and smell. A shared meal moment awakens all of our senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and listening to good conversation and enjoyment of laughter via a social experience.

A meal with family and friends is a way to feed your body and soul.